"Imagine Having Pete Cohen By Your Side As Your Coach, So You Can Get The Exact Results That YOU Want In YOUR Life"
Dear Mi365 Participant,
As you may know, I truly believe that everyone’s future is unwritten and you have the power to change.
The question is, are you ready to make that change and rise up to the next level?
If you answered ‘yes’, then I would like to introduce Mi365 Elite to you, and have me (Pete Cohen) coach you to create the future you want.
Daily, I turn up on Facebook and broadcast live for free; thousands turn up and participate in the broadcast and in the private Facebook group too.
Offer Expires May 25th 2017
Here’s what a few Mi365 Elite members posted in our private Facebook group about their experience with Mi365 Elite
“My confidence and inner strength is increasing!”
"It's an amazing opportunity to really work on yourself and become the best version of me!"
“Mi365 Elite is a constant source of support, inspiration and information and never boring!” 
“I would say to anyone considering joining Mi365, just do it. It will change your life – it’s as simple as that.”
What Is The Difference Between Mi365 and Mi365 Elite? 
With Mi365 Elite you get another level of coaching, which will lead to another level of success for you, in your life.

This short grid explains the difference between Mi365 and Mi365 Elite: 
“No one is born successful or with a blueprint of how to lead a successful life. You have to learn it and then implement it. That is what Mi365 Elite is about.”
What You’ll Learn Being a Member Of Mi365 Elite
As a Mi365 Elite member you’ll learn a number of new tactics and tools to enhance every area of your life, but to give you a sneak peak in short you’ll discover: 

How to master your emotions and thoughts so you can create the life you want

Build upon the confidence and motivation you have, so you are unstoppable and nothing gets in your way

Learn the exact steps to upgrade your nutrition, health and energy so you have unlimited energy 

Create a compelling plan for the future & execute it so you get exactly what you want, every time

A simple, proven solution to ensure you never get overwhelmed (or paralysed) by a big goal again

Mi365 Elite will break you from your old habits.

Joining Mi365 Elite means you will take massive action. You will not just passively watch content.

 You WILL step out of your comfort zone and change for the better. 
What Mi365 Elite Is NOT: 
  • It is NOT another progamme where you see short-term results but then two or three months later you fall off the bandwagon and end up worse off than you started.
  • It’s not a place where complainers hang out. Yes, things might not go to plan straight away and yes, you have challenges but complaining and moaning is strictly not allowed.  
  •  It is NOT a "quick fix". Anyone who sells you something "easy" is lying, and you should run very far away from them. You will have to invest time, turn up & plan, and that is when results will come.
What Mi365 Elite IS: 
  • A proven roadmap to rewiring your brain and body for success.
  • An in-depth process that will reverse your unhealthy habits.
  • A one of a kind programme, unlike anything you’ve ever done before.
  • A process that will challenge you and destroy the source of everything that has previously held you back
This is the true solution you've been looking for
Who Is Mi365 Elite For?
There are two types of people who join Mi365 Elite they are: 
People who are ready to step into a better version of themselves and are open to being coached to enhance their life.
People who want more from life, are open to change, have an open mindset, and are willing to invest to get to the next level.   
What’s Included As Part Of Your Mi365 Elite Membership
Membership Benefit #1: Monthly Master Class Videos (Value £297)
I bring you world class coaching on tap 24/7 via my master class videos. Each month I will share my expert knowledge and guidance as I introduce you to game changing ideas on the topic of the month. Broken up into bite-sized chunks, you can work through them whenever you like, wherever you like, and as many times as you like.

Membership Benefit #2: Monthly Meditation On The Master Class Topic (Value £47)
Every month there will be a new meditation for you to download. Sit back and relax for 15 minutes as you train your brain.

Membership Benefit #3: Comprehensive Worksheets On The Master Class Topics (Value £97)
To guide you through the master class, you'll be able to download and print a worksheet on each topic. You will be able to use it to capture your notes on the master class videos and the live webinar. The worksheet will provide exercises to guide your deep work on the topic, and make suggestions for things to share in the Elite Facebook group. You will be directed to additional resources on the topic to grow even further, and to have a bit of fun.

Membership Benefit #4: Monthly Live Webinar Training (Value £257)
Every month I bring all Mi365 Elite members an exclusive training webinar where we go deeper on certain subjects, and I coach you even more to create greatness. Each webinar runs between 60–90 minutes and is held on the last Thursday of the month.

Membership Benefit #5: Private Facebook Group Just For Mi365 Elite Members (Value £47)

We have the FREE and private Facebook group already in motion with hundreds of people in it, but Mi365 Elite members get their own exclusive private Facebook group. This is your opportunity to ask questions and connect in a much smaller group environment.
Membership Benefit #6: Live Broadcasts Just For Mi365 Elite Members (Value £47)

As well as the private Facebook group just for Elite members, every single Monday I broadcast LIVE to Elite members in the private Facebook group and this will set you up for the week ahead.
BONUS #1: My Bestselling Book - Life DIY!
(Sells everyday for £9.99)

For everyone who signs up to Mi365 Elite, as an added bonus I will instantly send you a signed copy of my bestselling book Life DIY for FREE. This sells every day for £9.99 and goes hand in hand with what I teach in Mi365 Elite. It’s a great book to dip in and out of, and help you further towards your goals. 
BONUS #2: My Keynote Presentation (Value £97)

You’ll get unique footage from the first ever Mi365 Summit. At the Mi365 Summit I gave two keynote presentations but I’ve never released the footage of this until now. As part of your membership you’ll have exclusive access to this footage
Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Join Mi365 Elite Today!
  • Monthly master class videos (Value £297)
  • Monthly meditation on the master class topic (Value £47)
  • Comprehensive worksheets on the master class topics (Value £97)
  • Monthly Live Webinar (Value £257)
  • Private Facebook Group & Live Broadcasts just for Mi365 Elite Members (Value £94)
  • Life DIY Book (Value £9.99)
  • Keynote presentation (Value £97)
Why Time Is Of The Essence
This is a limited offer. Here is why:
  • Mi365 Elite isn’t the type of membership you join as you please. In fact we only open the doors to Elite twice per year. On this page you’ll see a countdown timer; when the countdown timer hits zero, we’re closing the doors for another six months.
  • The live webinar training is starting soon. As part of your membership each month we meet via webinar and I coach you to success live and in person. The next webinar training is scheduled for Thursday May 25th, 2017; you need to act now so you don’t miss this special training.  
  • One of your bonuses to join Mi365 Elite is my bestselling book Life DIY. I only have limited copies available and once they are gone this bonus will be taken off the shelf. (I’m pictured with my wife Hannah with the boxes of my book Life DIY, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.)
What Is The Investment For Mi365 Elite?
The investment for Mi365 Elite is just £19.97 a month.
Or another way to look at it, it’s just 66 pence per day!

What can you buy for 66 pence these days??

Not much that will empower you to become a better you. 

My fees for one-on-one coaching are £1,000 a session and I’m currently fully booked with a waitlist if you wish to apply.

But Mi365 is a fraction of the investment for my best strategies, tactics and plan of action to make your life amazing.
Plus you will become part of this fantastic community. 

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again... If you follow what I’m going to show you, you will make progress - and that’s why I guarantee it with a “You’re Fully Covered” Guarantee
Try Mi365 Elite For 30 Days 100% Risk Free
Go through the ENTIRE first month and if it doesn’t produce results for you, I want to give you your money back.

Here’s why…

Over the last 20 years, I have been working with tens of thousands of people in the personal development field; I know what works and what doesn’t.
The strategies I’m going to teach in Mi365 Elite have produced tremendous results for me and my clients. It’s based on years of experience and from the interaction and research with thousands of people just like you. 
That’s why I want you to go through the first month of Mi365 Elite for 30 days, implement what I share, and begin experiencing the benefits.

Mi365 is the most complete system for producing the results you want in your life, and if at the end of the 30 days you’re not happy with your membership, simply email me ([email protected]) with the subject line “Refund” and I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked. That’s how confident I am that this will change your life.
FAQ About Mi365 Elite 
Can I afford Mi365 Elite?
I don’t know your exact financial situation but let me ask you this question. Are you viewing Mi365 Elite as an expense or an investment? The chances are, if you’re questioning the price (which just works out at 66 pence a day) you are viewing this investment as an expense. By being a member of Mi365 Elite you will acquire new skills that will help you in every situation you face in the future; more doors will open and your life will be greater. 
What if I don't have any time?
We all have 24 hours in a day!
But it’s what we do with those 24 hours that separates the successful from the unsuccessful. We should all be sleeping 8 hours a night, so that leaves us with 16. Let’s say with work and a commute that is another 10 hours, which leaves us on average 6 hours a day. The problem is most people will waste those 6 hours, gossiping, watching TV, scrolling through social media, and more. If you master your time management you will take huge steps to mastering your life. Being an Mi365 Elite member will require between 2-3 hours a month. Can you spare just 2-3 hours a month out of 720 hours available? I’m guessing yes…. 
I have more questions – who can I contact? 
If you didn’t see your question listed here please email us at: [email protected] 
Meet Your Tutor: Pete Cohen 
Pete is one of the world's most sought after speakers on personal development, with vast experience as a health & fitness professional, motivational speaker, business consultant, life strategist and best-selling author.

Pete has coached world-class athletes and sporting greats, such as Sally Gunnell, Ellen MacArthur, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Arsenal Football Club and Tim Henman to achieve peak performance, as well as appearing on major TV channels, and being the author of 18 best-selling books.

With an ability to supercharge his clients' performances, Pete has a passion for understanding the way the human mind works and using exceptional skills he’s able to maximise people's potential and unlock talent.
What Our Mi365 Elite Members Are Saying
Just A Handful Of The World-Class Athletes I’ve Worked With
Sally Gunnell
Ellen Macarthur
Tim Henman
“I’ve worked with Pete for two years and with his support I won the World Championships for the second time. With his methods so much is possible.”
Ronnie O'Sullivan - 5x Snooker World Champion
Pete Cohen was the resident Life Coach and Weight Loss Guru on ITV’s GMTV for years and has written 18 bestselling personal development books, including Life DIY, Habit Busting and Sort Your Life Out.
Recently I asked our Mi365 Elite members what they love about Mi365 Elite
Recently I asked our Mi365 Elite members what they love about Mi365 Elite
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